I love to watch all the birds in my back yard. The black ones are not my favorite, they are very aggressive and pigs when it come to seed. But the robins are finally back which means spring is on its way.
This has been a crazy week, beginning with Favre's retirement. That totally broke my heart but well the man deserve a break. Then two of my former co-workers resigned. I find that interesting. Then to end it all off, Ripley broke a toe. Not just any toe mind you. He broke his duclaw. Not interesting you say. Well, he had his duclaws removed when he was born. this one decided to grow bone under the skin and he broke it. If it does not heal in three weeks, we will have surgery.
I got to open some early b-day presents this weekend and I think I am going to bake a cake. I love yellow with chocolate frosting!!!! We might head up to the Melting Pot Thursday night cause it's Restaurant week here in Annapolis. We have never been there so we figured we would give it a try.
My birthday is coming up on Wednesday and I have the day off. That is gift enough. The fun part is that it is also my car's birthday. We might have to go and tear up a few roads that day...