All good things must come to an end...

and for Hannah, Mike and myself - a few things could not have happened sooner.

Finally, after a VERY difficult quarter, she rec'd her report card on Friday. She made Honor Roll!! The difficulty is because Hannah was placed in Talented and Gifted classes and was not told until almost the end of the quarter. She did not understand why everything did not come as easily to her and most of the class went through a very emotional, draining 41 days.

Fall soccer finally came to an end last weekend. Mike's first go around as Head coach was trying to say the least. See, he coached seniors and well, most of those seniors had never played soccer ever!! He put together a great party for them last weekend with all of them begging him to coach them again next year. Needless to say he will be coaching again in the spring. He really did a good job and really enjoyed it.

Hannah also has had a difficult week. She developed a staph infection on her face. Now, she is not feeling well from her cold, her cough has turned croupy again and her stomach is doing flip flops. I am concerned cause she is due to go to her Aunts and spend her vacation there.

We had a great weekend with Brandon. I always enjoy having him over. Such a pleasure.

I am glad this week is over, I start my mini vacation this week so I can do parent-teacher conferences, FINALLY see a kidney specialist ( and yes I think I waited too damn long for this one)and go to the beach. Mike is off most of the week, and FINALLY going to see and allergist and asthma specialist.

I did go out Friday for lunch and treated myself to a nice little shopping spree at the Loft. And I did (finally) go out and get a TV for my spare room. Jen C is coming in December and I wanted to make sure she had a place to chill and watch TV. Also, if one of us is sick, we have room we can just veg in.

I did get a nice treat at work on Wednesday.. Joseph showed up :) and with Joseph came a nice surprise... Bobby got me a wee version of my car -- the Saturn Sky!!!

The dogs are good. Zoe went to the groomers and looks FAB!!. Diesel and Ripley are just such a hand full. But even in the most aggravating situations with them, I still think I am very blessed to have them in my life. They really do make me happy happy happy!

I designed and ordered my Holiday cards and hope to get them out by the end of the week. I also started getting items to cook x-mas dinner at my house this year. I still can't believe it will be at my house. But, I do have off for almost 10 days during that time and that is very exciting to me.

Enjoy the soccer picture.. Hannah picked the color cause her momma loves the caroline tarheels!!!