Braces off

So Hannah got her braces off today. She also got her appliance removed. But in that place she had a permanent retainer put in for at least 3 months. Ahh, no more visits to the orthodontist for a while. She turned in her report today on Neptune and was the 1st student to present her project. She got an A! That's my girl! My car went to the shop today to get the cup holder repaired.
Lately, I have had too many things going on and struggling to keep it together. My latest burden are the Girl Scouts and the damn cookies. I have almost 200 boxes to take into work. Man-- that means I have to separate them out by person. I hate this part!!!

The weather is certainly not helping my health. I am finding myself taking 2 painkillers at least 2x per day. Sleep is eluding me again. The only benefit to this weather is the fact I still can drive with the top down. I took a nice drive up to Arundel Mills to pick up a movie and dress. It was such a nice drive..
This weekend we have a Halloween party at Nicole's house. Hannah is so excited to see her, the boys, Joseph and Bobby. It's a long ride but it will be fun.

Mike, Hannah and I are going my aunt's house for Thanksgiving and called her yesterday to see if she can stay down longer.... she's funny.

The dogs are good, well bad but good. Those who have labs know what I mean. They are so handsome.