not your typical

disabled person. So I got an interesting comment from a work colleague the other day and it's not the first time someone has made this comment or alluded to this “it seems kinda funny that you have that kinda of car and you have handicap tags." I always get offended by that comment, not for me personally but for the stereotype that many folks have towards disabled folks. If they can't see, feel, touch it then it can't be. Well that is just stupid. They have this vision in their mind: that if you don't look disabled you can't be disabled or handicapped. Well, that is just not true. I would prefer not discuss my issues with work folk, but sometimes I just can't help it.

It is difficult enough for folks to admit or come to terms with the fact that they are indeed handicapped or disabled, then to actually advertise it by getting tags on their car, but to have to sit there and justify it to people just because they don't "look" it is downright degrading.

So, keep your comments to yourself or learn to expand your mind and break the cycle of what you think a disabled person should look like.