Yes, I am tired

seems to be theme with me. This heat is killing my energy level. Oh well right.
So let's start with updates - Hannah developed a infection in her mouth that swelled her jaw ( they think it's viral). She is doing better.

Zoe finally got groomed on Saturday and is having her teeth cleaned this morning because her teeth are really bad (shame on Mike).

Diesel is doing good. He still has his moments of being a lab - like eating tons of grass and Zoe's poo, but what do you do. He is incredibly handsome and we all have our quirks.

Ripley is bad. Just down right spiteful and spoiled. He is constantly getting into stuff. Just this morning, Mike called and said he tore up a receipt that sticking slightly out from my drawer. He also found a roll of TP. Again, we all have are quirks, but what makes up for it is his personality -- he is a lovie doggie. He has to be near you and on you and wants to be rubbed all the time. He groans and talks as you are doing it.

Mike had a great birthday, as he put it last night "very spoiled." As well he should be :)

And for me, no complaints; no issues.