Me Tired

This week has been taxing. I finally got dunked in the deep end of the HR swimming pool. Whew, I am treading water right now but very confident that I will be swimming laps shortly. Anyway, again I will say it is an entirely different world and yes I am grateful for the opportunity. The test will be can I stick it out considering what type of person I am. I want to stay the way i am, I love the human aspect and don't want to change that to just look at folks as data. Just not me. I am not complaining just pointing out a fact. I enjoy my morning visits from Nicole, it kinda levels me for the day and let's me be me.

One other reason it might be taxing is that I am trying to cut out on all the dews. I have been cheating too much lately with all the shit with the job and well I need to stop. So that extra boost needs to go. I would love to go to the Doctor next month and go off the steroids. Ahh, the simple things for me.

I am laying down in bed and Diesel is laying next to me trying to kiss me. of course , I gladly give them. And as soon as I do, he acts like he doesn't want them. Even dogs play games. I ask him and he gives in. I know I have said this a million times, but he is an incredibly handsome dog.

Ripley is at my feet looking at himself in the mirror. I think he is trying to see Zoe in the mirror under the bed. Who Knows?

Ok, so I am done running at the mouth. BTW -- check this out... Divided We Fail - Beth did a great job!! WSO did really lose some talented people.