to myself. This week has been filled gifts to myself. My new laptop came in the mail on Tuesday :) I am getting used to VISTA. I really like it. The screen is nice and bright and so perfect for me. I also spent some time cleaning off my old desktop so I can pass that onto Hannah. Though she used her dad's new laptop and is in love. She has the potential to be worse then me when it comes to new technology.

I also decided after a whole day of thought and advice to get my 80GB iPod. I really like it a lot. It only took me less the five minutes to set it up last night and the screen is nice. YEAH Gina!!

I can wait to load more on the puppy :) Where do I start? ahhhh.. I think Depeche Mode

No huge plans for the weekend except to get my hair done which is always a big job since I am sooo picky and I am NOT happy with my hair.

I know -- I need to do pictures of the Dogs...OH.. Ripley has caught to Diesel in height and weights. BEAST!!!