What a crazy week

Yeah, it was my last week and I have to say I stayed a little bit too long - 2 many people did not make it through the reorg and alas don't have a job beginning July2... but it's officially over for me and I have moved into my new office. Several folks stopped by, but I really think it was to drool over my monitor:) SO goodbye WSO and hello HR!!!!

I am happy to say I also officially started my vacation. I hope to get things done while I am off and to relax.

Last night was a great night. About 14 of us (The Durpenters, Mark's parents, John, Amy, Joseph, Bobby, DeeDee and Hannah) went to a Bowie Baysox game. And considering everything that went on, it was soo worth the $ 9. 00. Besides the game, they were having a hat giveaway, fireworks and the kids got to run around the bases at the end of the night. My hat goes off to Joseph, Bobby, John and Amy for taking such good care of the kids at the Kids place. They did a great job! Then Hannah and DeeDee did and AWESOME job "watching" the twins. They loved it. I had a blast. Well I think everyone did-- we all decided we need to do it again :)
I was really excited to see Bobby. It has been WAY to LONG!!!

So I did not take my camera, so I stole this picture from Mark :) Thanks MARK!!!