Quite Content

This was my weekend of no kids. Since we got the Wii and other things, it has been non-stop kids every weekend. I laid the rule down Wednesday and Hannah had a hard time early yesterday but fell in the groove. We spent most of the day yesterday outside doing yard work on our house and the neighbors yard. We did run a few errands. We got Mike a new grill for father's day. A new keypad lock for the front door and other odds and ends. I ended up cooking the guys dinner on the new grill. It was fabulous!!! Oh and we took Hannah to the hair dresser and had 5 inches cut off her hair!! It still sits below her shoulders and will grow out nicely. We finished the evening off with wine, gin and fireworks!!

Today was nice, Mike and I got up and early and went for a drive. Then we all went and got breakfast, went to Lowe's, Target, Micheal's and BJ's. We were home by 10:00 to clean out the sheds. Mike and I both had a shed each. I got my done the fastest least amount of stuff. So Hannah and I helped Mike organize and clean his HUGE shed. It took a while, but we were done by 3:00. In between Mike finished the new lock on the front door and the dogs had a blast both days in the yard. And I cooked dinner again, one for Hannah and one for Mike. I also managed to finish all my laundry and get all the linens cleaned in the spare bedroom because Ms. Jen C is coming to stay for a few days this week. Hannah and I are sooo excited.

I have an extremely busy week. It is my last week with WSO and they are making it a full one :) On a high note, I am having a nice dinner( John W is amazing for pulling all this together, I guess I did rub off on him) with all the tech guys on Tuesday ( I can't wait) and Happy Hour with WSO and others on Thursday. And I think I have like a gazillion training sessions, meetings, breakfast, coffee, lunches and others packed in between. Then I am off on vacation, but not before we have a evening out with Nicole, the boys, Joseph, Bobby and John which we are all looking forward too on Saturday.

I noticed something today, since I have accepted the new job I actually think I am doing better health wise. Besides one iffy day in the last couple of weeks, I have felt great!!! I have not been popping pain killers everyday or laying down to rest as much. I am pleased to also report my bone density test came back normal, which is great. I can continue with the steroids and move on to another health chapter.

Hannah's last week of school is this week. Actually her last day is on Wednesday and she is having a sleep over on Tuesday will her three best friends. God Bless Jen for taking that on. Grandpa is watching her Thursday and Friday and then Hannah is off to the beach with Aunt Denise for two weeks. Mike and I are actually looking forward to sometime to catch up, go for long drives and see some movies. But I think we both will be very sad to not have the girl around for that long.

And on the last note, the doggies are doing great. Ripley is big and so lovie. Diesel is BEAUTIFUL and standoffish. And Zoe, she is on Prozac and learning to be less bitchy.

So now that you are all caught up, I am going to drink some more wine and get ready for the last episode every of "The Sopranos" -- what will Dr. Golden do?!