So I got some really bad news today before I left work. My bestest, dearest and more then a sister friend Kellie called me and told me that Tank has a very aggressive form of cancer. The surgery he had last week found a tumor on his lung that turns out to be canine lung carcinoma. They are giving him 6 mos to a year. Very Sad :( She is going to take him to the same oncologist that Bailey and Onyx saw. I had to say that phone call trudged up a lot of memories for me.
One of our dearest friends just had their yellow lab, Cody (onyx's best friend) put to sleep last week. Hannah found his ashes this morning and completely lost it. Mike had to tell her that he now with Onyx, Bailey and Jasmin and that they are having fun. Very Sad.

We (Me and Mike) kept Tank for several weeks when Steve first got him for Kellie as a X-mas gift. He was sooo attached to Mike. When Mike was playing video games and sitting on the floor, Tank would jump in his lap and sleep there. If you got anywhere near Mike, he would attack. Funny - he was like 8 weeks old.

My prayers are there with them and my heart is breaking at the same time.