I am such an idiot

So, I am fully aware of my health issues and what stress can do. And even though I know this and have seen what it has done to me in the past, I still managed to get myself feeling like a mack truck mushed my bottom half of my body and the other half is fighting to stay alive. I could sit here and wish a lot things, but really I should know myself better and my limitations. And yes folks I have them. So because of that and what I have worked myself into, I am forced to stay close to the house and my bed. My goal (and yes my only goal for the weekend, since I really have to pick and choose what I can and can't do and save up my energy for Hannah and work) was to go to a bridal shower tomorrow. And at this point that is up in the air. I have no energy -- I got exhausted today from getting Hannah ready and set for school. No, I am not looking for pity, I am actually looking for a way I can forgive myself for doing this and messing up my weekend.
I only hope Kate can forgive me...