Her top finally goes down

it has been a while since I have put her top down, but today is the day! it will hit in the 70's and even though not a lot is going on, I will force myself to go out and about.

Hannah has a soccer clinic with somebody from Baltimore Blast today. She also got approved leave for Take your child to work day. I am glad I enclosed the agenda for the day when I asked permission. Whew, Anne Arundel county can be tough. So Hannah is coming to work with me next Thursday. Wow, those guys have no idea what they are in for :) well i guess they do, the do know me.

I finally got my shoes for a wedding I am in at the end of May. And my friend Jen went to pick up her Lab puppy from the same breeder that I got Diesel and Ripley from -- I can't wait to see the pictures and hope the name they picked out sticks.

I am still very bummed about this weeks happenings at work :(