Bumpy start to the weekend

So I had some issues this week: I had this terrible pain shooting down my backside and it was making walking and made sitting difficult. Besides feeling like crap, I was beginning to worry that I was developing an infection from my injection. Mike notice a small pocket and we watched it closely and decided if it was still there the next day we were going to the hospital. Well thank god, it feels soooo much better today. I can actually walk almost pain free. We have decided that Mike accidentally hit the muscle. So disaster averted.

Hannah is getting excited about Easter. I have boiled the eggs so she can dye them later on. Mike went out and bought me a lawn mower. I love to cut grass!!!! I am also excited that the trees guys are coming on Wednesday to get rid of a HUGE evergreen next to my house and a LARGE shrub in my front yard that is taking over the electrical box (BGE has left me several notes about it). I will feel a little more safe when that tree is gone. And hopefully my decision to get the lawn treated gets me my beautiful lawn sometime this summer. The backyard can't be saved with three dogs.

Both Diesel and Ripley had a bumpy day today - both have thrown up. Ripley from something he ate and Diesel from working himself up.