Super Weather

These last two days have been so nice. Yesterday was a wee bit warmer, but we will take it. I can't believe DST starts next weekend. Hannah and I finally got the cold that Mike has been battling all week. As long as I stay medicated, I am OK.

Hannah had a great day. She got back her grade on her big presentation yesterday - A+. She got 26 points out of 26. So she got a treat today, besides getting all her soccer stuff, she got heelys for doing such a great job. She has been practicing all day. She had her soccer orientation this morning and her first game is in a few weeks. She is totally excited.

We strung some outside lights today on the deck, that part of the back is not lit and we thought this was a perfect way to add to some light. We also cleaned out some of the sheds since it was so nice.

Right on cue, Ripley began losing his baby teeth. He hits 16 weeks on Monday. Right now, Diesel and Ripley are fighting over the bed (my bed). Diesel wants to sleep and Ripley wants to play.

I have a birthday coming up so I am getting a little excited. I really do love my birthday, I just hate that I get older.

Well I just took a lot of medicine and I am getting tired. Mike is getting ready for his UFC fight that starts too late for me. I will watch it in the morning.
Peace out