Soccer Girls

Too freaking cute. Here is a picture of Alyssa and Hannah right after their soccer game. Today was a much harder game but they still managed to tie the game: 7-7. Right after the game was ASA fundraiser at Chik Fila - so both families trucked up there and had a very nice lunch. Then grocery shopping.
Hannah had a fabulous time at her overnighter, but apparently not enough sleep. She fell asleep before her game today and conked out after she got home today and is still sleeping. Poor girl.
Mike and I took the opportunity to get something done that we had been talking about for a while (per usual)- I went and got three new tattoos ( I know 3) - they are kanji symbols for Serenity, Happiness and Tranquility. All of which I strive to have all the time. I have to say the spine is a very sensitive place to get tattoos, but well worth it. They are the largest ones to date. This makes my total 8. Most of which peeps can't see :) Mike did his consult and will go up Monday night.
Ripley had a few milestones this week -- he can finally jump into the SUV by himself and on our bed. On top of that, his adult teeth are coming in BEAUTIFULLY. Zoe had a spa day this week and looks amazing. All this upset Diesel and he spent most of the week throwing up. Stress-- he has no idea how easy he has it.
I had some long days this week and some nice lunches in between. It was good to catch up with a friend and just talk -- and not about work. I had a truly funny lunch with all my co-workers that just had me laughing the rest of the day. I have to do that more often instead of working straight through.
Well off to take my meds and wake up the girl. Happy day.