Enough is Enough is Enough

my goodness, it's only Tuesday evening and I am already beat. I guess beat doesn't quite fit. I am toast, burnt toast actually. The doctor did not deliever the best news yesterday. My options are becoming more and more limited because I already am on A LOT of medicine (doctors exact words). He actually threatened me with a different chemo drug ( for the severe cases) and bumped up my appts to monthly. I need a fuckin (excuse me on that one) break and someone needs to give me one soon. I am so tired of running around and breaking my neck for those who do not appreciate it one bit. I am tired of being treated like a tart and worst of all I am just tired of going through the same stuff over and OVER again.

Yeah, I know Gina, suck it up and take it!! Well you know what.. you can suck on it for a while.