ahh jeez, am I tired. I am struggling to stay awake right now and it is only 7. I have had a really long, trying week. But hey, that is why they pay with me wee bucks right :( I did call the doctor to try to get in earlier and was pleasantly surprised that I actually have an appt for Monday. Now I can go through a battery of test again and get a referral for a specialist for my kidneys. They are very VERY unhappy again and I just can't go through that crap again.

I also got a kick when I picked up Hannah today at SACC. They are not offering it this summer :( Now I got to figure out the summer . I think she is going to play soccer starting next week. She is excited!!!

Ok, so I have only wasted 9 minutes doing this and I am still tired. I need to just take my damn medicine and go to bed and wake up and do it all over again....fun fun fun for the stanford family.