UPDATE: thanks to all those guys asking about Diesel -- He is doing pretty good with the little guy. He really wants to play and they are both trying to figure out they can do. Ripley comes from the sames parents as Diesel, so I kinda know what I am getting. The first night went ok, and we had only one accident so far. So, here is a little background for those football fans. Diesel's middle name is Favre for you know who :) and Ripley's middle name is Montana, after the GREAT QB Joe Montana ( I am a big fan). I hope to get more pictures up today, but a lot is going on with the little guy, we did get his tag today. I am tired, he had me up at 3:30 til 5 and then back up at 7. Gotta get this boy on a schedule.

here he is: Ripley Montana Stanford. Weighing in at a massive 15 lbs, he is a BIG boy!!!! VERY SWEET. I can't believe it! Tell me what you think! More pictures will be posted on my flickr account here later