My first new puppy purchase

So I decided to make a list of what I need for new puppy. No, we have not decided on a name, the house is still very divided. Even though I have many things for a dog, there are a few things I need to get, like a crate, food bowl, leash and collar. The one thing I did purchase already was a Quiet Spot - they are one of the best inventions for dogs.

I am laying in bed right now (yes, Diesel is with me) fighting off a nasty virus. If it continues -- I am going to have to go off all my meds so I can fight it. My two main meds leave me with a VERY compromised immune system and I learn after my nasty long battle with a staph infection last year. It took me three months and several courses of the NASTY antibiotics to figure out that if I came off the meds for a month, I had a chance. So we will see by monday if I need to stop for a while.

Hannah did great with the asthma specialist yesterday, so we are putting off testing at least until the spring time. Well, Monday is the big day for her, she gets her ortho appliance installed in her mouth to stretch the top of her mouth. Should be fun (not).

Well I think I am going to nap now... :)