Happy Happy

I can't tell you enough how happy I am to begin my mini vacation. It has been a while that I have actually taken time off and there is nada lot to do -- no moves, no disability, no sick kid and no deaths and so on and so on. It really has been a rather difficult year for the Stanfords that I would not rather rehash again. I am just grateful that I am putting most of it behind me. I am also very happy to learn that my husband has off tomorrow as well. So the whole family gets to be together for at least a week.

I am extremely happy to be away for work. I really do like my job and the folks I work with, but it is good to be home. It just has become very stressful lately.

I am also happy to report my kitchen has been FINALLY stripped of it's heinous country (pink and blue) wallpaper and is painted. I would like to say I am done -- but my mind is churning on other things i would like to have done. But, I don't want to do them now :) I will take this time to chill and cherish family.

Several days are filled with family. Mike's family is coming over Sunday. I think the Foster are coming by on Tuesday. And we are hopeful to see the Sullivans ( I have such a jones for their black lab that I affectionately call Maggie Moo) and my very dearest and closest friends - Kellie and Steve. And my parents will finally come and see my new house on New Year's Eve. WOW. It only took three months. I really wish I could spend sometime with my Aunt Denise, she is like a mom to me and I really would love to spend the time with her and the family. She just had a house built and just (last weekend) moved in. So hopefully we can go down and see them!!

We had our Tech Holiday Lunch today and I really had a lovely time. Everyone was laughing, eating and just having a great time. We did the "White Elephant Sale" and I ended up stealing this gift from my boss ( I know, not the best move) -- but I could not resist -- The Sick Day Handbook - this book is hysterical and so needed. My boss is going on a renewal ( 4 weeks paid time off to do whatever) and so I figured I would need it to deal with the guys left behind. We got a great suggestion from our VP - Sami -- we should just create templates from the book in outlook and use them. Not a bad idea and totally doable :)

I am watching Green Bay v. Minnesota on Thursday Night Football ( I am so excited we have this now) and getting kinda sad that they are still talking about Brett and leaving football. He is one of the most exciting quarterback I have ever had the pleasure to watch. I can't imagine football or GB without him. This match up makes me think about my good friend Mark. We would always bet and egg each other every year at work when these two teams hooked up. I miss having that at work. I would love to watch a game with him so we can get on each other's nerves face to face :) We all know GB will win. Minnesota really does suck. I mean they wear purple. What the heck is that?

I hope to go meet my new puppy during this time off. It is less then a month until the new baby stanford come homes. Ahh, I bet ya can't wait.

Welp, I am sure I will post during the holidays and post some pictures.