Fog Alert

So, this morning I had a LONG ride in because of the HORRIBLE fog. I had plenty of time to think and reflect and decided I was going to post on my blog when I got to work. Well when I got there, I went to log in and realized the FREAKS at work in security had blocked our ability to post to blogs. We can view them but we cannot post. I was so peeved for about 20 minutes. But really got me is that I lost my thoughts in my anger. I mean it is my job and I shouldn't be posting to my blog at work, but 10 minutes doesn't kill them when I give them 10hrs a day.

So on to my thoughts, I read a lot in the morning and decided to take a piece of what one of my friends and co-workers does of her blog (yea, more lost time at work) and tell you what I am thankful for everyday:
I am so thankful for the advances in modern medicine. I am so thankful I can get up and walk everyday, open a door and hold my daughters hand. See, without these advances, I would not be able to do the simple things that everyone takes for granted on a daily basis, hell I did until ...
I just can't understand why everyone feels the need to tell me what is good for me and what I need to do to feel better when they have NO IDEA how far I have come with my meds and the doctors. I am grateful for those caring, but not for the constant pushing and the somewhat insensitivity of those around me that have know very little about these two diseases. I know my limits and would prefer to push myself for things I love doing, like playing with my daughter or taking walks with my husband. The simple things that are not so simple anymore for me.

I am grateful that having the diagnosis of Lupus is no longer considered a death sentence.
Medicine has come a long way and I am soooo grateful for that. You should be too :)