Can it be?

I think I am in a little bit of shock. It is December 5th and time is creeping by me. I know I got my holiday cards out, but I have only like 20 days left to shop. UGH! Well, I am not lacking for ideas. It seems lately people are very into letting you know exactly what they want, I am not sure how I feel about that one. It is good on one hand, you know exactly what to get. But on the other hand, it takes away the fun and surprise of trying to find that right gift. Hmmm, why do I do this to myself?

Mike always tells me that I make it hard because I just get what I want, and so when holidays or birthdays come around, well there is nothing left. He may have a point.

Hannah is off to the ortho today, the asthma specialist Friday and then back to the ortho on Monday. I so want that over. Her poor little mouth is going to hurt so bad :)

I got an email from Saturn last night, and I hesitate opening them cause I can't bear to see more of the Sky. But this time it was about the new Outlook (sucky name) -- the new larger SUV -- I guess they call it the Vue's big brother. Mike has been eyeing this one and I can't say I blame him. Really nice and the reviews are very favorable.