Broke Again

Hannah did it again, same toe but different area: that's right, she broke her toe again. We spent most of the day at NiteTime Peds getting the x-rays and confirmation of what we already knew. She is now in another ortho shoe for at least two more weeks. After that we ran home and got ready for X-mas at meemaw's. We just got home, we had a lovely time. Mike is considering having it at our house next year just to make it easier on Mee Maw. I am now rushing around trying to get my house and all the the laundry done b/c my parents are coming for the first time tomorrow. I swear I will never understand the need to constantly please our parents, but I will be up late getting things done. Mike is watching the UFC fight and Hannah is playing with all the new gifts she rec'd tonight. This is funny, I got 3 starbucks giftcards tonight -- I am going to be drinking coffee for a long time :)

Diesel is sitting right next to me on the bed and Zoe is on the floor. They were alone too much today :(
I am doing pretty good (knock on wood) -- now that all the meds are on board, these last two days I have finally feel human again. So much so, I finally got my guest room done (all I need is a round blue area rug) and re-arranged my living room. Not bad for someone who could not really move around all week. Anyway, we got another day off b/c of Ford, so I don't go back to work until Wendesday. Love free days.