So that was easy

I have read so much about the chaos that ensued when the PS3 went on sale, so I figured that Mike would get his sometime next year. Ha, I was wrong. We went in to BestBuy the other day to buy Ice Age 2 and we heard people asking about the PS3 -- they told Mike to go to the cashier. The only thing we were confused about was the size of the PS3 -- we heard they had a bunch of 20's. So Mike walked up and asked for a PS3 and they asked what size. He said he wanted a 60. A call was made and to our surprise, they bought up a PS3 60. Lord, what dumb luck (for Mike), he was all giddy like a kid. So Mike got his X-mas gift early and I locked down the purchase of a puppy... even trade don't ya think :)