Yeah.. trying

What a day yesterday. I got a call from Mike around 7 at work. The toilet was overflowing and the front of the house was taken over with water. So I called the county and the plumber and rushed home. We I won't go into details, except to say it took all day, 3 plumbers and two visits to by the county. I need to figure out who would be responsible if I have to dig up my yard -- I am not sure if the problem is on my side or their side and then if on my side, I have to see if the home warranty covers it. Too much for one day.
I had two surprise visits from my old neighbors, Jen and Rick. It was good to see both of them. I also met my new neighbor, Cade. He is 84 and gets around rather well. I told him secretly that I really wanted his house, it is one level (no stairs, how glorious!!) and he laughed at me and told me how hard they were to come by.
Hannah is on restriction (she is getting too sassy) -- so she is NOT allowed to play her Nintendo DS this weekend and she is working at a cookie booth at 8 on Saturday Morning.
I just want a nap....