So here are my mums... I keep on getting tons of compliments on the big pot of mums :) And it was a bargain.
Busy day, Mike went to Lowe's early to get a dimmer switch(which he already installed) for the kitchen, new washer for one of the bathrooms, last appliance was installed (dishwasher) and now they are out picking up the new addition to the Stanford family: a hamster.

I did some rearranging today in the house and finished putting together a few rooms for now. By no means am I content on how things are, it is just good for now.

I went out with a few folks from work and my best friend Karen the other night, we had a blast!!! Thanks guys for a great evening out, it was much needed!!!

The dogs are doing good. Diesel has got a nasty ear infection, which is common in labs and we already had the cleaner to get it all better quicker. Zoe is chilling right now, as always, right by my side. Time to go back to work (around the house that is) ...