Ahh.. .success...

GO PACK GO!!! I still can't stop chanting that... and guess what: They WON!! And Mike is just about done the packers room. Meaning ... the room is painted in Packers Green and Yellow. We picked up the white chair rail at Lowe's yesterday and hope to have that up this week. I have to admit the yellow scared me at first, VERY BRIGHT!!!! But with the Green and the white accents -- it looks really good. The final step will be to get the big G on the wall. Next weekend. I also picked out some paint colors to paint the foyer -- a deep rust/orange. So next will be to get the two colors and paint a wall with both and see which wins. New curtains went up in the living room as well as an area rug :) I had the gutters cleaned Saturday and today the furnace guy is coming to check things out. I bought Diesel a new bed ... so he has one up and downstairs. Oh yea, I made lasagna today. Mike, Hannah and I went clothes shopping yesterday (no comments from the peanut gallery) -- Hannah got some great shoes and an out fit from Old Navy. Mike got some pants and t-shirts and I got the usual. Ha... figure that one out. I also went to the dentist today, I really don't like going there. Bleck.

Back to work tomorrow and hopefully I will get rid of the remaining GS cookies.

BTW-- Hannah will be a Green Bay Packer Cheerleader this year for Halloween... and yes I will post pictures