She did what?!

So we just got back from Night Time Peds and yes Hannah broke her toe. Apparently last night she slipped on a frisbee and we all thought she was being Ms. Drama Queen. Well tonight (because she was at alyssa's today) -- I asked her to come sit down so I could look at it. IT WAS SO SWOLLEN AND BRUISED. Mike did his vet thing and said we should take her up to have it x-rayed. Hannah wanted to go as well (so you know it had to hurt) and low and behold the x-ray showed she broke her toe. So now we have to take her to an orthopedist tomorrow, just our luck, it's our Anniversary tomorrow. So now I feel SOOO guilty for not taking her sooner and thinking she was over reacting....

Positive spin -- it could have been worse, she could have broken her foot...(yeah that doesn't work so well).