One more thing

so some folks came in last night to look at the house (yes that never ending saga) and then they came back again this AM. Low and behold, they submitted an offer tonight, my first one!! It's not bad, the only sad thing is they want to settle later then we wanted, so hopefully the other house will hold. We also got an email that a another offer can come on Tuesday from a new set of folks. I am thinking they need to do it sooner... I am ready to bolt and get into the house. I really hope they hold for us.

I laugh because what else can I do? At least if all this works out, I can actually focus this month on getting better and not worry about who is coming and when, AMEN.

I am off work for at least the next month to try and get better -- they added yet another med to regime and I am scared of what it will all mean and do. I have alot of other things going on in the health department, but not the engergy to go into it.

Wish us luck on the offers and hope the other house will hold... We sooo need the good news...