Why, Diesel, Why?

This dog has done some damage lately. He finally got the best of Zoe! You see, my crazy man loves to attack Zoe going up and down the stairs. And Thursday proved to be to much. Zoe has a partially torn cruciate now and has to be in the kennal for at least two weeks and take NSAIDs. She looks so pathetic in that crate :( So to try and help Diesel, I bought him a pull lead (it actually pulls back on their legs if they try to pull on the lead) but within 24 hours he ate it :(

So I will go out today and find another harness that he can't get too and I will continue to work with him until he gets those stairs right. I tell you, I really should drink more because of him :(

The house stuff is still the same, my T/H just went on the market this week so we are planning open houses next week after they put an ad in the post. I hope this goes fast...

Hannah is still sleeping, she had field day at school yesterday!! She is SOOO excited that she is going down to Aunt Denise's for week to play, swim and have fun. What will I do without my little girl :(

Gotta run..