Happy Birthday Hannah

I can't believe my girl turns 8 today. Well technically tonight, she was born at 11:27 p.m. on Father's Day 8 years ago. She almost did not make it on that day. The doctors did not think I would have her until Monday, but I was determined to have her on Father's day. So after 14.5 hours of labor, she arrived. She has been and will always be the best and most important person in my life.

She has had a blast down at Aunt Denise's this past week or so. I am posting a picture of her from the celebration she had last night at their house. She had cake, ice cream and pizza. She told me she made two wishes and shared one with me. She hoped that we could sell our house so we can get that new one..... the good news is that our contract is back in place with the other house and things are the same. We are picking her up this morning. So I need to go get ready, even though I have a few hours, I am just so EXCITED>>>>>>>>>>>

You the know the reason I am up early is because of Diesel....freak!!