vacation anybody?

So I have been up for a while (thank you mr. diesel) and I started a few loads of laundry, ran the dishwasher, paid bills and cleaned up the living room. Hannah is off to the Fairy Festival this morning with Brandon and her Grandparents. She has been looking forward to going with Brandon for a long while.

I went over to my friend Kate's for a party last night and to see the renovations she did to the kitchen area. I really liked it a lot and she gave me few pointers. I had a nice time and laughed a lot with my co-workers, mostly at my expense :) I got home around 10 and went to bed. Really tired.

So I am off in a few days to begin the process of selling and buying. I spoke to the real estate guy yesterday to get the ball rolling and so he can start looking. I am nervous and excited! I meet with him on Thursday -- so wish me luck. My goal is to be done within the next two months (all of it) .

Hannah is already up and playing her DS. We had a sad moment this week, Hannah's fish died (no, not those damn frogs) but the fish that kept the tank clean. Hannah got very upset- but I just think it had to do more with leftover emotions from Bailey and Onyx. Mike took her out Wednesday to get a new one and new rocks for her frogs. She also looked at hamsters, which made her very happy.

now off to do more stuff ....