Almost there

Saturday was another busy one. We finished all the trim and doors in our bedroom and it looks really good. It took Mike and I about 4 hours to do that and the ceiling. He is doing some touch-up work now. We sat down to watch King Kong last night but did not get all the way done -- it is a 3 hour movie. I think we only have 1/2 an hour left.

Sunday was for shopping. I had a bunch of coupons for Hannah to go shopping at Limited Too and for me to indulge at the candle store. We stocked up on tennis shoes (I have to have white tennis shoes all the time), Hannah got some really cute sandles and picked out a new nail polish color so I can paint her toes tonight. I cleaned out more of my closet and got two bags together to donate again (clothes, barely worn shoes and towels). Mike installed a new lock on the outside fence and Hannah is playing her new DS game - Animal Crossing (this one won out over a few other based on a recommendation from a co-worker Kathy) Hannah LOVES it and told me to tell Kathy she was right :)

Diesel found the a/c vent yesterday and covered it with his body. Enjoy the pictures...