Whew!! What a day

So it has been kinda hectic these last few days. Hannah was sick and the boys came over last night and spent the night :) I started off my Saturday by getting a fresh new hair do. I cut off at least 3 inches and went totally straight with and angle toward my face. It kinda shocked Mike when I came home, but I was ready for a change. Now my tattoo on the back of my neck is a wee bit exposed, so a little shorter then I wanted but when it grows out an inch it will be a wicked do :) Then I came home to feed the kids lunch and get my lists together. We went to Borders because it was Teacher discount day and Mike's mom got us 25% off anything we wanted. Mike and I indulged :) Then we went to BJ's to get storage containers for Hannah's stuff, Home Depot to get paint for the basement and then off to the grocery store. Then we came home and started packing and cleaning. I still feel like I could do soo much more, but man I know I will be hurting tomorrow. Hannah was a great trooper today, she went along and did not complain... it made things go much easier :)

Diesel is confused by all the cleaning and condensing. And Zoe is just sad that her crate is going away... she never used it anyway...

I am going to find something to do..