Snowy Saturday

Well, it finally started to snow. The great thing is we are finally in the area that will get a decent amount of snow. They keep saying our little area will get 10-15 inches of snow!! I can't wait.
It has been one of those days!! Either a side effect from not getting my shot or another flare up is coming from stress lately, but I am completely exhausted and have been sleeping on and off all day. The skin infection is getting a little better, which I hope by Monday it does because if not I am off to the doctors for more tests (I made myself a promise not to let this one go again).

Hannah got her report card and made Honor Roll again!!! We asked her what she wanted for a reward for doing a good job and of course she wanted a game for her Nintendo. Daddy already went out and got it and she is playing it with the same intensity that her dad is with his new game (PS Game - "Arena Football"). Though the change on this report card is still the lingering effects from Bailey's death. Hannah was or still may be, getting very emotional during class and having trouble with keeping her focus. She has gone to her guidance counselor and seems to be doing better, but Mike and I think one more trip for her and one trip for us, and then maybe we can more on. My fear is Onyx and the effect, but she seems to think he won't die soon. Gosh I love her optimism -- it is great for a 7 year old.

Now onto the animals. Of course Onyx is chillin, Zoe is down by my feet as I type and Mr. Special Ed ( we really should have named him that ) is being mischievous. Not sure what he is doing right now. Here is a picture taken about 5 minutes ago -- I can't get over how big he is getting. He will be 6 mos on March 1 and I promise you and that little booger, that he will be having surgery on that day - snip snip and chip chip.
Enjoy the snow.. and hopefully I can get motivated to do some laundry :)