Glam Rock

Hannah went to her friend, Alyssa's Birthday party yesterday at Club Libby Lu's. What a fun time for a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds. They do your makeup, nails and hair and then u get to make shampoos, hair gel, body lotion or lip gloss. For your hair you have like 5 choices -- Hannah chose glam rock. She just was in awe of the whole thing and totally loved it. Mike and I were laughing the whole time. Here one of the best things -- Mike was the ONLY dad to go and stick around :) What a DAD! We bought her some stuff, including hair and body gel, hair extenstions and a necklace so she could continue the experience.

Now its Sunday and I am ready for some football. Mike made his chili and I have all the bad food I could possibly want to watch the SuperBowl.

Enjoy the pics...