Hannah ready for bed

So I had a rough one today -- I guess you could say I am a little crispy around the edges. I actually came home and fell a sleep until 7. Had not done that in a while. These past two days with Hannah has been odd. She has forgotton a portion of her homework twice -- so the trip to Toy R Us is off for this weekend. Mike just got a call -- his grandmother is not doing well and she is in the IC unit and he went up there to see her as it does not look good. Very, very sad.

Today's weather messed with me -- I had no idea it would be cold and rainy -- the weather man did not say that this morning. I had a nice lunch today with a co-worker to thank me for work on a project. It was Yummy -- went to Clydes. Nice

I got my donations for the Children's center out for pickup tomorrow -- so I now I need to get Hannah ready for bed.....