what do you do...

So Onyx had some more tests today and the results were not good. It appears as though the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes ( leg and shoulder) and there is a growth (tumor) in his mouth. Which leads them to believe that the problems going on with his nose is a neoplastic growth related to his cancer. The additional sucky thing is that it appears that the growth in mouth is the Squamous Cell Carcinoma that delevoped in his other paws last year and the lymph node problem is related to his subungual melanoma. There is nothing we can do except treat his nose with massive antibiotics and make him comfortable (which is what we have been doing). Mike reminded me today, which I think I chose to forget since Bailey, is that the oncologist we saw said that once a dog is diagnosed with the Sub Melanoma and the SCC -- they have about 4-6 months and it has been about 4 months. Not good.

I don't think you are every ready for this kinda of news, even though we just went through it with Bay.