So one more day

until my vacation starts-- YIPEEEEE. I got in work early to finish up a few things and to clean up. Hannah has two more days and her vacations starts also. She came into my room last night squealing about it being only a few more days until x-mas -- I thought she was going to cry she was soo overwhelmed.
Diesel has slept in our bed the last two nights -- it was going fine until he decided to puke in our beds around 3:30. It could be the fact that he keeps attacking the x-mas tree and eating the ornaments. Can't wait to take it down. Onyx is doing ok -- nose is till messed up but doing fine. And Zoe is feeling the cold shoulder from everyone since she has become a raving witch to diesel and onyx. Women!!!

I am still in shock over the piss poor football that I witnessed live Monday night.