So Mike and I did a lot of shopping yesterday. Mostly for ourselves. We actually went to look at flat screen TV's. I am torn between Panasonic and Samsung. I don't like the wrapping around the new Panasonic. Who knows...

We went up to Arundel Mills yesterday to do the shopping. That place is huge. We got some stuff for Hannah and then had lunch. Then we hit target (yet again) and then to Saturn to pick up the Vue. We ran into our sales guy and had a lengthy discussion about the new sky (I want) and the new SUV that is coming out. I think Mike is eyeing that.

The dogs are doing ok -- Diesel D is up to 23 pounds and enjoying terrorizing Zoe as much as he possible can. He is a rather laid back dog for a puppy. I mean he has his moments but very mild natured. Zoe is doing good -- hiding all the bones she can snag away from Diesel and Onyx and putting them under my bed.
And my boy onyx -- god bless him, he is tolerating the antibiotic blast pretty well (knock on wood) as well as all his other meds. His nose is still blecky.
It is now less then a week from the Monday Night Football game and I am excited. Hannah is spending the night at Alyssa's since we won't be back after midnight.
They are calling for another wintry mix Thursday into Friday -- that means two rush hours could be for shit. Fun!!