tuesday with hannah

So I raced around after work today to rent Hannah the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie and get her fast food. I got it all done and picked her up by 5:10 -- she was very happy. I let her know that she can watch the movie in my bed because I wanted to watch my shows downstairs. As we are getting out of the car to go in the house, she asked "Why Onyx wasn't dead yet?" I stopped dead in my tracks -- I said "What?" She said because of his cancer. Now I understood -- we told her at the same time about Bailey and Onyx and wanted to know since Bailey died why hadn't Onyx died -- so I had to explain it was a different kind of cancer and it was in a different place. So she said "It isn't as bad as Bailey's?" I told her yes it was but it was just taking it's time and that I did not want him to die. She then told me she didn't want any of her dogs to die, but Bailey did. Very sad.
She is in my room now watching the movie and Mike is downstair yell "Diesel NO" -- must be biting his foot again.

I thought I would share some pics of Onyx and Diesel fighting over bones -- funny how frisky Onyx can get over a silly bone and then to see this little dog take him on like he isn't afraid.