heart of beans

This is a little heart that Hannah made out of beans years ago -- I look at it everyday and smile. Right next to it is a picture of Hannah's hand and it asks "Why do I love Mommy?" and Hannah replied "Because she makes me macaroni and cheese." She did that about two years ago. Funny. Simple :)
Good weekend ... Did a little shopping, a little chillin and a little driving. Thank GOODNESS -- Football was worth watching this weekend. Hannah has been fighting a cold all week and finally started to feel better Saturday night. We went out to Fudruckers and then had birthday cake at the Foster's for Justin's 10th birthday.

The dogs are doing ok -- they are socializing a wee bit more then usual and that makes me grateful. I got a card in the mail today from one of the docs ( Dr. Golden) that took care of Bailey -- he made a donation to Noah's Ark Wildlife Center (Annapolis)in Bailey's memory -- this makes me smile :)
One more week and I am on vacation -- this makes me ecstactic.... Cheers!!