life never seems to slow down

Here is a picture of me and my mom -- I am her baby -- her youngest. It is one of my favorites. Gotta love those bangs. It just keeps going. I keep on thinking I can maintain -- but I am always running to catch up. Hannah cracked Mike and I up last night, definatley her daddy's girl. She was taking a shower last night while Mike and I were catching up on TV. Mike walked in to find Hannah fast asleep in the bathtub with the shower going. Something my husband does all the time. We couldn't stop laughing which woke her up and asked if she could stay in and rolled over as to get comfy. Funny. Hannah has another day off tomorrow so my weekend begins after tonight. I am glad -- I am tired. Onyx went to work with dad yesterday because he kept shaking his head regardless of the fact that I cleaned it out. They ran some test and found out he has an infection. They then asked if they could test their eye pressure machine -- mike said yes only if they did not give him ANY bad news. Onyx's pressure is good meaning he is not blind like he perpatrates he just sees with cloudy vision -- just like me when my glasses are smudged. He had another fiesta this week -- 5 chocolate doughnuts and a candy bar. He will never learn. And to be honest at this point in his life, he can have whatever he wants. No -- it was not enough chocolate to be lethal but enough to cause stomach trauma. I am sure Zoe got in on the action and was very glad to have him jump on the counter because she will never be able to do that. Gotta love my dogs -- determined little buggers.
Oh and I love my sirius radio -- no more commercials and soooo much music. Happy Gina :)