Tomorrow is picture day

for ms hannah. She is in the the shower now so we can hopefully blow dry that hair straight so it won't be a mess in the am. I have to figure out what she is going to where ... decisions?! I will post pictures in the am.

Mike made the appointment for tuesday with the internal medicine specialist to discuss bay and onyx. bleck. I spoke to dr. mcdonnell yesterday to see about bay's lame leg.. it will stay that way. So we must protect his leg because he keeps cutting it from dragging it. poor baby.

I had a lovely outing with co workers today -- Chris, Jake, John, Joseph, Amy, Justin, Alicon and Vince. They soooo make me laugh. We made "tentative" plans to go to Baltimore next weekend for some Fells Point Fun day and an impromptu bar crawl. Thanks guys -- you make my job fun.

more tomorrow.