so when it rains it pours

who ever came up with that line -- needs their asses kicked. So now something is wrong with my yellow lab Bailey. I took him up to the vet last night because he was not walking right and cried and hesitated as he walked down the stairs -- very stiff in the front end and his shoulders were shaking. They took blood, his temp and x-rays -- and a some tests on his joints. He showed no pain when extended but had a fever and still walking funny. They decided to give him some anti-imflammatorys and see how he did. Well today it is really bad -- he back end of his body is not working -- his legs are "loosey goosey" and he can't control them. We have spoken to the docs again and are taking him up in a few hours. They are leaning (based on conversations and how he is presenting at this time ) as a possible neurological problem. Which again is breaking my heart -- so yes - -when it rains it does pour. Onyx's test results from his x-rays does show a growth in his chest -- so that just confirms it spread.
This just sucks hard and I can't stop crying ...